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Attention Charger Fans! What a journey it has been for us! Yes, all of us! But let me tell you this: BOLTMAN will do anything to keep the Chargers spirit alive! 

I have been part of the Qualcomm Stadium experience for 22 years and I take pride in playing the role of Boltman! I want to continue the legacy and commitment to this team and its fans! 

Boltman has always added a lot to the game day experience. If Boltman pops up by your tailgate, it makes the day and when he’s in the stands, the fans get fired up and literally crazy. 

I love to get into the role and I love to ignite the excitement in everyone. I would love to travel on the road every season with one mission: to keep the spirit alive! How you can help? In ordering t-shirts through my e-commerce site, you will help make it financially possible for me to do this. My e-commerce exclusive online apparel T-Shirt business focuses on premium Quality T-shirts tops only.

The sale of my apparel will help cover expenses on the road, including cost for maintaining the cost of the Boltman suit as I travel to away games.

My commitment to all supporters. I will proudly represent as a Chargers fan on the road in supporting our players.

Loud and proud.

Go Chargers!

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